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3. 1. diket i oe ____________________________________________________________ . ›     di    pe   _______ ____ _____________________________________ . W ki__________________________________________________________________. " #$ M"% i. Pote i ekoomi ›   te  me ik pe ti  ______________________________________ .H Te . ii. 6  6 66  i. M   !"6 6 !6  i.    mem k  pe  m ________ ______________________________di Kim i . ii. mempe   i tempo p k  d ip d t  B ei de   t  _____________________________________________________________ iv. memei ko e i d ip d __________________________________________________ iii. 2. Med p t ____________________________________di ›  d ip d › t  B ei iii. Tempo pee  ______________________________________________________ . W. memei ko e i d ip d ___________________________________________________ ii. › ik t-  ik t i te  et p k di ›  . memi m   d ip d ____________________________ ___ _____ _____________ ke  me d pi m   mod  iii.

____________________________________________________ te  mempe   i p k  de  Ovee. v.e memei   t  ik t   dit  k  diet kk  di    _____________________________________________________________. Me  i pe  i  1877.

k d  Det vi.›e  i  d ip d i   ›   d   di    pemeit   ___________________ di e k  kep d Ovee. B id mee k  t   t  Te k Kim i d  _____________________________ vii.

k d  Det Oe me  i Pe  i  1878 viii. .____________________________ mee k  k   d  ›  i P d  i ke ›  i ›i k .

 Dit  k  p i Ovee. 66 6 6c 6 6c !!c 6  i.

 Det te   m  ik t it te  di  kep d __________________________________  i me m k  mod  pei  . ________________________________________________________me di Pe ide pet m iv. ___________________________________________________ k B  t et p k di ›   5. Biti  d p t . Me  i pemei  pi  m it . Biti  et     te d p ___________________________________________________ 7.k te  me  em  k kep d ______________________ ii. meeim _______________________________________________________ ke  Biti  . e  med p tk  __________________________________________________________ d ip d ke  Biti   i mempek k  ked d k  d  mem k  pei  . ____________________________________________________________ pe   . A ed Det di tik e  i _____________________________________________________ 4. Pe t  ›emet  Boeo Ut  Biti  Be d dit k   m ________________________ te  me  e k  pi  m ii. ›BUB memp  i k met di _______________________________________________ iii.  6 !%6c 6 6c !! i. memeit  ›   de  __________________________________________ . iii. P d t   1888 Pe  i  Peid   Boeo Ut  dit d t  i meoek  ›   me di ________________________________________________________ 6. ›  t pemei  pi  m kep d Pe t  ›emet  Boeo Ut  Biti  Be d i   ›BUB me ti : .

 tid k oe mee k  ›   kep d e i p t p _________________________________ d. me tik _________________________________ d ip d pe  i   di k i oe Biti  e. d t e m d  ________________________________ _______________ .. memei   m .

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