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Aamai 210 Prinsip Praktek Asuransi

Aamai 210 Prinsip Praktek Asuransi

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summary of principle insurance
summary of principle insurance

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Published by: mohrifai60 on Mar 12, 2012
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The active, efficient cause that sets in motion a train of events which brings
about a result, without the intervention of any force started and working
actively from a new and independent source (Pawsey v Scottish Union and
National, 1907). (Penyebab yang aktif, efisien yang berlangsung dalam suatu
rangkaian yang menimbulkan suatu akibat, tanpa adanya intervensi dari setiap
kekuatan, yang dimulai dan beroperasi secara aktif dari sumber/sebab baru
yang berdiri sendiri)

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